"I really, really love this sport, and I want so badly to do it well. I think your camp was a huge, motivating turning point in that direction."

"Your adult camp was phenomenal – outstanding instruction, interesting lectures, beautiful spot, delicious meals, and many new friends."

"You would not believe how very close I was to not coming to camp. But I am so glad I did! How can I say thank you enough?!"

"What a fabulous camp! I had a blast and learned so much. The care and energy you pour into those few days wasn’t lost on any of us."

"It was just a year ago that you changed our lives in such a positive, constructive way!!! I can’t begin to tell you how ‘Camp Denny’ turned our riding from meek passengers to strong analytical partners with our horses."

"I’ll never forget you and ‘Camp Denny’ and the wonderful week of horsemanship and laughter."

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