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LESSONS – Riders may arrange for lessons to work on specific areas of interest or specific problem areas. There is no fixed lesson schedule. Many drive in for a lesson at a pre-arranged time to work on dressage, show jumping, gymnastics or cross country, or sometimes a combination of these. If a rider needs help planning a long term lesson schedule in order to reach a personal goal, we can help with that.

It’s also possible for individuals to come for lessons over several days and we have stabling available for those who want to do that. Sometimes groups will come during a school vacation, for example, and we can arrange lesson schedules over those days at the appropriate levels for the different members of the group. We all know there is no such thing as a “cookie cutter” approach to teaching riding. All horses and riders are individuals with individual strengths and needs, and we try to identify those needs and plan lessons accordingly.

SHORT COURSES – Fun and affordable, short courses pack lots of learning into two or three days. Stables, clubs, or groups of friends create your own evening experience at Tamarack! Sample schedules and prices are on the Vermont Application Form and North Carolina Application Form.

POLICY – It is our policy to not be aggressive or demanding with people who might have issues of nervousness or insecurity. If you are a strong, go-getter rider seeking to move up the levels and want to be challenged or pushed, we can do that. We can assess your strengths and help you avoid creating problem areas which could catch up with you at the more difficult levels of preliminary, intermediate and advanced. If you are a cautious, older rider, we will work within your comfort zone. We see our job as trying to help each of you attain your goals, at whatever level those goals may be.

Harmony Horse Stables trains with Denny during winter vacation

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If you have a stable, or a group of riders, and would like to schedule a several day session at either the Vermont or North Carolina farm, we can basically custom-tailor this around a long weekend or school vacation, for example, or whatever time is convenient for you.

Recently we’ve had groups from schools, private stables, pony clubs and riding clubs as small as 3 or 4, to as large as 10 – 15, who have come to train with us and stable their horses at the farm while they were here.

If you are interested in setting up such a riding “short course,” contact May or Denny to discuss how it could best work for your group.

May and Denny,

Thank you both for a wonderful experience (and a good prep for the spring!).
I have always loved riding with you, Denny.
May, you are a fantastic hostess!!
Maybe I can come down next year ready to move up to Intermediate!!
I had a great time. Thank you very, very much.
Take care,

Dolly Douglas and Jo

Photos courtesy of Flatlands Foto

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