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Tamarack Hill Farmís Formula One is standing with Michael and Nathalie Pollard at their Chatsworth Stud, Dalton, GA. For breeding questions and stallion contract go to

We also have access to Mark Todd's Aberjack, who is standing at the University of Massachusetts.


Beaulieuís Comedy Dobel's Cento Capitol I V. Capitano
Viola V. Maximus
Armandine Alexis Z V. Almé Z
Penny Lane V. Pilot

With Michael and Nathalie Pollard, we jointly own 10 yr. old Beaulieuís Comedy, a 2000 broodmare by Dobel's Cento x Armandine.

Beaulieu's Cool Centolina Beaulieu's Coolman Quidam de Revel V. Jalisco B
Pumuckl V.Pluspunkt (x V. Pilot)
Beaulieu's Comedy Dobel's Cento V. Capitol I
Armandine V. Alexis Z x Pilot

Lena is a 5 yr. old reg. Luxemburgeois in foal to Holsteiner, Beaulieuís Conquest.

Mistry Oak Babamist Mystic Relic
Babadana Flushing
Chestry Oak Core Buff Buffoonery (Tom Fool)
Chee Oaks Hunters Moon IV

Mistry Oak is a 1994 Thoroughbred.

See full Pedigree

Just Lyndi Just West Far North Northern Dancer
Clear Tone Hasty Road
Lynjetter Goliad Hawaii
Never Touch Docile Boy (Never Bend)

See full Pedigree

Just Lyndi, a 1995 Thoroughbred ridden by Erin Contino, was a winning Intermediate eventer.


Loftus Fox

Lofty, a 1996 Irish Tbx gelding by Taldi, is Dennyís current preliminary horse.
Union Station
Union, 2000 Tb gelding by Dumaani x Capellaís New Star, is Dennyís project. He's an off-the-track TB.
Uwharrie Assault
Harrie, a 1999 Tb gelding by Not Surprised (His Majesty) x Lynjetter, is Mayís project.

We own 4 daughters of Beaulieuís Coolman

Left to right:
Atti, Simply and Cordie (Lena is currently in foal)

Beaulieu's Cool Concorde
Beaulieu's Cool Concorde Beaulieu's Coolman Quidam de Revel V. Jalisco B
Pumuckl V.Pluspunkt (x V. Pilot)
Jurella Concorde V. Voltaire
Urella V. Cadmus XX x Joost

Cordie, a 4 year old in 2009, competed up to beginner novice.

Beaulieu's Cool Attitude
Beaulieu's Cool Attitude Beaulieu's Coolman Quidam de Revel V. Jalisco B
Pumuckl V.Pluspunkt (x V. Pilot)
Jurella Concorde V. Voltaire
Urella V. Cadmus XX x Joost

Atti, Cordieís 3 yr. old full sister, was broken by Daryl this fall

Beaulieu's Simply Cool
Beaulieu's Simply Cool Beaulieu's Coolman Quidam de Revel V. Jalisco B
Pumuckl V.Pluspunkt (x V. Pilot)
Beaulieu's Simply the Best Accord II V. Ahorn Z
Pinacolada V. Pilot

3 year old, Simply, was broken by Paige Skipper last summer

Diamond Camilla
Diamond Camilla Aberjack Aberlou Aberconway
Miss Charlie Ranger
White Diamond Rockrimmon Silver Diamond Sillot Hill
Jirehs Mercy White Clover

See full Pedigree

Millie, coming 5 yrs. old, is back in training after having a Formula One foal.


Celtic Oak (2007)
Celty is a 3 yr. old gelding by Formula One out of Mistry Oak. He will be broken this spring/summer.
Con Cento (2007)
Con Cento Beaulieu's Conquest Corrado I V. Cor de la Bryere
Florida II V. Calando I
Beaulieu's Comedy Dobel's Cento V. Capitol I
Armandine V. Alexis Z x Pilot

Con Cento is a big, strong grey son of two royally bred jumpers. His sire, Beaulieuís Conquest is by Corrado I, sire of multiple Olympic and international jumpers. His dam, by the double Olympic gold medallist, Dobelís Cento, is a half sister to Lisa Jacquinís Beaulieuís Talisman, the 5-year-old winner of the 2006 Young Jumper Championship Finals at the Hampton Classic. Con Cento is co-owned with Michael and Nathalie Pollard.


Victor Dakin
Over Waterloo Rails at 1974 Burghley World Championships, on their way to a clear round and USET Team gold medal.
Victor Dakin also won the 1976 US National Championships at Radnor, PA

1976, prior to the Olympic selection trials


1979 USEA Horse of the Year.

Won the US National Championship 3-Day at Chesterland in 1979

Farnley Rob Roy
US Nat'l Reserve Champion at 1982 Chesterland 3-day.
Here, coming out of Head of Lake at Rolex.

Epic Win
Victory gallop at Bromont CCI** 1992

At Rolex in 1990

Wintry Oak
Winning the preliminary level event at Jumping Branch, SC, 1999
Placing 2nd, against mainly Arabs,
in the 1999 GMHA 100 mile trail ride

Foxed Again
Steeplechase at Radnor 3-Day

There's quite a story connected to Cat. In the late '60s, Denny boarded his 1st event horse, Lighting Magic, at a farm in Easthampton, Mass., then called "Golden Ring Farm" (now Heritage Farm). The farm owner, Mike Kaye, bought Cat from some Western dealer. He'd been a barrel racer in Oklahoma, and was a big, rawboned horse of indeterminate breeding.
Denny bought Cat for $800.00 in about 1967, and started trying to turn him into an eventer. He was a phenomenal jumper, but a basket case in dressage. When you saluted the judge, by dropping your hand, Cat thought you were whipping him, and he'd leap up and sideways, not ingratiating himself to the judge.
He was the first horse Denny ever rode advanced, at the Dunham Quebec 1971 3-day. He was also the only horse Denny ever cleared 6 foot over fences.

King Oscar

Mike Plumb, Denny Emerson, Derek di Grazia at Rolex


Griffin by Tamarack stallion Forfeit
Jetting West

Winning GMHA Prelim 2005. Tamarack owns
JW's dam, Lynjetter, and several of her foals

Core Buff
Odessa Contessa
UNH, 1988

Chestry Oak

Homebred by Core Buff x Chee Oaks

Lighting Magic

Denny's first event horse, 1964, heading to the post for the start of The Essex Foxhounds Point to Point race, Far Hills, NJ.

GMHA Preliminary 3-day event, Aug of 1962

Rett Butler

2004, the Tevis Cup 50th Anniversary Race, and
2005, 70th GMHA 100 Mile Ride

Lippitt Sandy

1st vet inspection at the 1957 GMHA 100 Mile Trail Ride, behind the old Woodstock Inn. Lippitt Sandy was a Morgan. This was Denny's 2nd GMHA 100 mile, the 1st being the previous year.

GMHA 100 Mile horses

Lippitt Rebecca, Dapper Dan, Bienvenue

Lippitt Tweedle Dee

Denny riding the three year old Morgan stallion Lippitt Tweedle Dee, owned by Vermont Governor Deane Davis, at the 1961 Morrisville, VT, Horse Show


Denny at his 1st competition, the Stoneleigh-Prospect Hill School gymkhana, April, 1954. Denny was 12. Paint was about 14.1 hh.
Denny's start as an enterprising Equine professional:
Denny's pony ride business, circa 1953-54. Now, about 55 years later, not much has fundamentally changed!! Jack Baker is on the left, Denny's on the right (with hat). They put out a card table, with cash box, at the end of the driveway, and a hand painted sign: "PONY RIDES, 10 CENTS; 3 FOR 25 CENTS." On a good afternoon, they might make 3 or 4 dollars, not bad for 11-year-olds in 1953.

Speed Axcel

Last horse competed at the advanced level, in 1999

For Pete's Sake

House Guest

Was jumper prior to becoming May's first event horse, 1967
Everybody's Girl

Dakota Swift

At Radnor Preliminary 3-day
Opera Ghost

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