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16.2h, gray, Irish Sport Horse, 2002
Bred by Anthony McMahon, Ballyvaskin, County Clare, Ireland

Standing with Michael and Nathalie Pollard, Dalton, GA
2009 stud fee - $1250. LFG (includes $250. booking fee). Shipped semen available.
Ask about multiple mare discount.

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Inquiries are being made about purchasing Formula One's foals. Contact us if you would like to sell your Formula One foal.

Jumping Photos


Formula One is a spectacular mover and a powerful, correct young stallion. Just the stamp to cross on Thoroughbred mares which may lack Formula One's superb bone, strong limbs and hooves, uphill build and steady disposition.

Everything weve done with Formula One has encouraged us to think that hes going to be a great cross with the American Thoroughbred. Hes bigger, stronger, more uphill, and more laid back than most Thoroughbreds, but not so bulky or heavy that its going to take a couple of crosses or more to get where we think most breeders want to go.

Another thing we especially like is the rhythm and cadence of his trot and canter, especially these days when dressage is becoming so increasingly crucial to success.

Jumping Photos


The Irish Sport Horse is not just a breed for those whose goals are bright lights and fame at the upper levels only. Because of the long foxhunting tradition in Ireland, a special type of very tolerant horse has been developed to boldly, yet calmly and sanely negotiate all manner of terrain and every kind of obstacle, from banks, to sunken roads, to ditches, drops, stonewalls and water. This wonderful combination of boldness coupled with steadiness means lots of riders can ride them.

Formula One's manners are exceptionally good, especially for a young stallion. He learned to ground drive in literally one session, and he has now started work under saddle. With his strong pedigree, his equally strong and correct physical structure, his gaits and his manners, Formula One strikes us as exactly the kind of stallion to improve on the qualities of a wide variety of mares.

Jumping Photos


Formula One is a very prototype of the classic Thoroughbred and Irish Draught cross which has produced so many superior athletes over so many decades. The characteristics of this famous cross combine the best of both breeds: the courage, class and competitive drive of the Thoroughbred, leavened by the strength, balance, uphill build, and gentle temperament of the Irish Draught. Its no wonder that so many of the worlds most famous international stars ride them.

Jumping Photos


Juswith Genoa, the dam of Olympic silver medalist, Winsome Adante, is by the HIS Premium thoroughbred stallion 'Bohemond' (sire of Beau Royale), winner of the Audi Sport Young Stallion Championship in 1986 and Super Premium winner. His parents were both winners on the track and he followed their example, winning himself, and retiring sound.

Bohemond is also the sire of the International Event mare 'Withcote Nellie' ridden by Constantin van Rijckevorsel and a regular part of the Belgian 3 Day Event Team. Their most recent success was 10th individually at the Athens Olympics. They have also represented their Country at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, as well as the 2003 European Championships in Punchestown.

Photos of Bohemond and Auction Ring

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