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16.2h., bay, Tb, 1987

Standing in Southern Pines, NC, in 2008
Stud fee $850. includes $250. booking fee, LFG, live cover or shipped semen available.
Ask about multiple mare discount.


Rep's son, The Patriot, wins Adult Hunter Champion at 2007 Washington International Horse Show


Reputed Testamony is one of those rare thoroughbred stallions who is built very "uphill," with exceptionally good balance and self-carriage as a result. The majority of Thoroughbreds are a bit (or a lot) “long and low,” bred over several centuries for galloping speed, not for a balanced canter. If you’ve ever cantered to a fence, or tried to canter a ten meter circle, on a “forehanded” horse, you’ll appreciate how important balance and self carriage become. Rep’s trot and canter are up and light, making him a perfect cross for less well balanced mares. He is very refined and beautiful, with a long, sloping shoulder, a long crested neck, a short back and powerful hindquarters.

1996 Olympic individual bronze medalist, Kerry Milliken, says of Reputed Testamony, "Having spent years evaluating horses looking for that great athlete, I can say with great confidence that Rep has the qualities necessary for today's competitive event horse. What makes him stand out from the rest is his combination of exceptional movement through his shoulders and hindquarters, correct conformation, eye catching looks, and toughness with a solid mind. Even after his long, successful racing career he still moves as fresh as a four year old."

He’s stunningly attractive, and a total gentleman to be around. Even at eighteen, he leaps and plays like a frisky colt, and his legs are tight and clean to this day, after all he’s done.


Reputed Testamony has a great disposition. Andrea Seefelt, his former jockey, wrote us, “I rode Reputed in most of his races. He was one of my all time favorites (and I rode some good ones). I won 5 or 6 races on him, including his first stake, the Flintlock and the Jennings HCP at Pimlico. He was the easiest horse to ride, and I used to say that I would have ridden him in a race with no bridle. All I had to do was think where I wanted to be in the race, and he was there. I never had to steer or pick up the lines."

"He was unbelievably gentle for a colt in training and anybody could gallop him in the morning. He was also very kind to work with on the ground, which you probably know since you have him. He was very light on his feet, almost catlike. I’m sure he would/could make either a hunter and/or a jumper if asked.”


All but the first three of his fifty-five races were at distances longer than one mile, and all of his races were stakes and allowances. The average modern Thoroughbred which is able to make it through training to get to the race track at all, makes fewer than twenty lifetime starts. If a stallion starts thirty times, you see ads calling him “an iron horse,” and so on. “Rep” raced 55 times, over six years.

Additionally, only three out of 100 horses win one stakes race. Sired by the game and consistent Preakness winner, Deputed Testamony, Reputed Testamony won three stakes races, including the $200,000 Maryland Million Budweiser Classic and the $100,000 Jennings Handicap, on his way to earning nearly half a million dollars. In all kinds of weather, and on all kinds of track surfaces, from brick hard to standing water and mud, Rep placed first through third in 26 of his races. Ask any race horse trainer whether it’s a significant feat to place 26 times in stakes and allowances!


There are virtually no Thoroughbred stallions left anywhere whose pedigrees aren’t loaded with Nearco blood, through Northern Dancer, Bold Ruler, Mr. Prospector, and a host of other stallions. Rep’s pedigree is completely free of any Nearco blood, making him a rare outcross.

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